im honestly very tired of artists using fat ppl to illustrate the wrongs of capitalism
white ppl: *for literally hundreds of years and still to this day* black ppl are ugly!!!
black ppl: *looks in the mirror* bye we look good af? like damn near better than yal...???
white ppl: ....
white ppl: everyone is beautiful, u don't have to put ppl down...
Most to Least Best Dressed






+ people saying “laverne cox is great because she doesnt get easily offended and maintains composure”

like. Yeah. she is a black trans woman and if she didnt stay calm and composed even when people are making invasive statements about her genitals and saying all kinds of dehumanizing stuff she would face massive fallout and her career + life in general would suffer greatly

Exactly. And then their are those who say that trans individuals should take note and rather than get offended, explain things like her. A person, a marginalized minority should not be expected to maintain a cordial tact when talking about invasive and ignorant questions. A person getting upset does not invalidate them. 

I think Laverne Cox is doing a great job as far as using her celebrity status to bring attention to trans issues however, I loathe when people utilize her as this model of trans respectability which not only dehumanizes trans individuals but Laverne as well.

If someone takes the time to educate you when you screw up, awesome. But you’re not entitled to a “calm” explanation of why what you’ve said or done is oppressive/problematic. Also remember that it’s totally ok to be angry/upset when someone does or says something that dehumanizes you. Too often we police our own emotions because we don’t want to be “the angry minority” but in reality there’s nothing wrong with being angry in the face of oppression. You don’t have to stifle your emotions.


has a muslim man ever played abraham lincoln

has an aboriginal woman ever played elizabeth I

has a black man ever played george washington

has a turkish woman ever played eleanor of aquitaine


then why the fuck would you get the whitest white men to play Ramesses II and Moses









Came as these cool pinup artwork, definitely going to invest in one.


i obviously need the jamaican one. side eye to the white woman on the south africa one

where can i buy one?

Yo! That nigerian one is MY artwork that was commissioned by a client of mine and made in her image, so it was CLEARLY taken from my personal portfolio. WHO is selling my artwork without my consent? People plagiarize my tumblr and twitter posts, steal my photography concepts AND my fucking artwork! Its like yall wanna pilfer my entire life and leave me to die. Who is behind this shit? WHO?! And the irony of it being “pro black women” while they EXPLOIT A BLACK WOMAN.

here you go. It’s Mark Sciepura from Barcelona, Spain. His etsy storefront is here

a fucking WHITE DUDE. a fucking WHITE DUDE STOLE this art from Black women and other Black artists, and has the NERVE to SELL IT.

im so fucking mad right now

Why the fuck am I NOT surprised? 



Vampire doctors that can smell if you have a blood disease.

Werewolf therapy animals for sick kids.

Nature sprite and nymph nurses that always make sure people have pretty flowers to brighten up their white rooms.

Fauns that go around and sing and dance for patients so that they smile.

Nice monster hospitals would be amazing




I’m not even a Katy Perry fan but if you’re gonna rage over her “cultural appropriation” please be sure to mention everyone else who does it.

I’ve seen plenty of you here on tumblr and twitter bitch about Katy Perry’s braids yet you just adore Brooke Candy.

What I’m saying is, if you call yourself being against something please don’t pick and choose when, you can’t make it okay for some artist and wrong for others.

I personally don’t see what the problem is with Katy Perry’s music video.

First, beyonce can do no wrong.

Second, nicki is partially Asian. Have you seen her use any other culture that isn’t her own?

Third, WE DONT APPROVE OF PHARRELL. He is the type of dude to say I don’t see race.

Fourth, none of us approve of the white girls on the bottom or Katy perry or whoever Brooke is.

Don’t try to do throw this back at us when you see your people doing some racist shit.

White people aren’t offended because no one wants to appropriate them.

Ok wait Beyoncé can very much do wrong and nicki minaj is part INDIAN. SOUTH ASIAN. Not Japanese or whatever she’s trying to express in that photo.


Dream away.


Dream away.


This story keeps on getting better and better


This story keeps on getting better and better

We are not helpless girls who need men’s protection.